Twenty-five Classic Fonts To Celebrate Twenty-five Years of Millennium

Serif vs. Sans Serif LogoAs the Art Director of Millennium, and in honor of our 25 year anniversary as a full service marketing company, I’d like to broach the topic of fonts. While many may not think long and hard about fonts or even notice the specific typeface when viewing a logo or website or even reading an article, the precise font actually speaks to us on a much deeper level than we cognitively realize. Did you know that studies show that people perceive serif fonts as respectable, trustworthy, and stable, while san-serif fonts are viewed as simple, straight forward and often times less formal?1 It’s true! And it’s my job here at Millennium to work with clients who are starting a new business, or simply looking for some brand rejuvenation, and delve deep into their underlying goals and expectations to help them determine the best font for their company. Some clients like to get extra creative, while others stick to the classics and in honor of our 25th anniversary, here are 25 fonts that are not only tried-and-true, long-long lasting, and universal, but you can expect to see these for years to come2:

Those are just 25 of the hundreds of fonts available these days. Email Millennium at and let our design team work and partner with you on all of your collateral!