Using Google My Business To Update Customers On Your Response to COVID-19

Every company is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in its own way – remote work, travel restrictions, and other operational changes. For businesses and communities, communication with your employees and customers is more important than ever. You may have updated every marketing channel you can think of, but one channel that often flies under the radar is your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

If your offices are or will be closing or have temporary hours, it’s likely the first place your customers will look is Google. Here are 3 quick steps you can take with your GMB profile to make sure you get the right message out.

  1. Update Your Hours and Visitation Policies
    GMB is a powerful tool for making your business visible on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). When people search for your company on Google, they’re greeted with pictures of your business, ways to contact you, and other key information such as hours of operations and a description of your business. Make sure to update your business hours and add a post to update customers on any changes or preferred ways to get in touch.
  2. Turn to Google for COVID-19 Communication Advice
    Right now, if you log into your GMB, you’ll see a new link:

    If you click on “learn more” you’ll be taken to a page where Google explains how businesses affected by COVID-19 can use their GMB profiles to keep their customers in the loop. This page details tactics that range from the obvious, like making sure your phone number is accurate, to things that are more obscure, like creating posts to be more specific about how your business is handling the pandemic.
  3. Enable GMB Messaging
    While your customers are seeking updates and using alternative channels to stay in touch, make sure you provide them with one more convenient way to reach you – GMB messaging.Found in the left-hand menu in your GMB profile, there’s the option to access GMB messaging services. This feature lets interested prospects or customers send texts directly to a mobile phone number of your choice, while keeping the numbers of both parties completely anonymous. It’s a good way to keep in touch with people interested in your business, especially if the changes your business has made are particularly significant.

Now more than ever, it’s important to prioritize the safety of your employees and customers while keeping clear and empathetic lines of communication open. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Google My Business can help you do just that.