What’s New In Digital Marketing — August 2020

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The marketing landscape continues to evolve. Almost every week, there are new features, tools, and expectations for small businesses. We’ve created the Millennium Digital Digest to summarize all of the most important digital marketing trends to help your business stay competitive and weather the challenges of 2020 and come out stronger.

What You Should Know — August 2020

New Predictive Capabilities in Google Analytics

In order to help businesses improve their targeting and focus on the right audiences, Google Analytics has added two new predictive metrics called Purchase Probability and Churn Probability. Purchase Probability helps you understand how likely people who visited your site will make a purchase in the next 7 days. Churn Probability predicts the likelihood that active users won’t visit your site in 7 days. Google hopes businesses will use these audiences in tandem with Google Ads in order to drive growth directly.
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Negative Reviews Will Rarely Affect Google Rankings

While positive reviews are an important part of building your brand, it turns out that negative reviews may not be a major issue for your rankings. At least, not most of the time. Negative reviews are common for most businesses, so it’s not something that will hurt your SEO. The caveat here is that if reviews are overwhelmingly negative, Google may pick up on that and penalize your website accordingly. However, with good reputation management and good business practices, you’ll never have to worry.
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How Social Media Helps SEO

While social media isn’t a direct ranking signal for SEO, it can still be incredibly useful for improving your site’s ranking — if it’s used correctly. Think of social media as a potential opportunity to share relevant content with a massive audience. By creating great social media content, you increase the chances that people link to your website and search for your website — and those are direct ranking signals!
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Google Indexing Glitch

Earlier this month, Google suffered a massive indexing glitch that threw off search results. Companies located in Minnesota ranked for Dallas terms, recipe carousels returned all of the wrong results, and much more. Google was swift in correcting the issue, but the lesson here is that search is way more complex than most people think. Google’s Gary Illyes explains: “Don’t oversimplify search for it’s not simple at all: thousands of interconnected systems working together to provide users high quality and relevant results. Throw a grain of sand in the machinery and we have an outage like yesterday.”
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