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As part of Millennium’s mission to help our clients achieve their business goals through marketing, we’ve created the Millennium Digital Digest, curated by our team of Google certified digital marketing experts to summarize the most important recent digital marketing trends.

What You Should Know — February 2020

Google to Phase Out Third-Party Cookies

As people get more and more concerned about their online privacy, major web browsers like Safari and Firefox have blocked third-party cookies by default — and Google isn’t far behind. As third-party cookies are responsible for retargeting ads — among other things — Google intends to introduce new technologies in its place. [Read More]

Word Count and SEO

Word count has been argued to have a big impact on SEO for a while now, but thanks to Google’s John Mueller, we can now confirm it doesn’t. At least, not directly. A longer word count gives more opportunities to fully answer a query and potentially more options for getting links. In the end, the advice for SEO remains the same: aim to fully answer the user’s search query! [Read More]

Email Marketing Is Alive and Well – But Some Practices Are Dead

Email marketing has been around for a long time now. So long, in fact, that some people wonder whether or not it’s starting to fall off in favor of more modern tactics. We’re happy to announce that’s not the case! But while email marketing is still alive and well (even among the younger generation), that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t evolved. Read on to learn about the email marketing tactics that could be hurting your results. [Read More]

Google Reverts Changes to Search Design

Well, that was fast. A week after implementing the design changes we discussed in last month’s digital digest, Google has begun to remove favicons from search in response to heavy criticism. While it’s still important to have a proper favicon, you won’t have to worry about seeing it on the search engine results page at the moment. However, Google isn’t a company that likes to stand still, so it’s important to keep an eye out for their next big change. [Read More]

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