What’s New In Digital Marketing — June 2020

Digital Digest HeaderThe marketing landscape continues to evolve. Almost every week, there are new features, tools, and expectations for small businesses. We’ve created the Millennium Digital Digest to summarize all of the most important digital marketing trends to help your business stay competitive and weather the challenges of 2020 and come out stronger.

What You Should Know — June 2020

Digital Tools Help Small Businesses During COVID-19

In addition to the adjustments we’ve had to make to our daily lives, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on small businesses around the world. A new report from the Connected Commerce Council shows how small businesses have used digital tools to endure the pandemic. One key takeaway: 34% of small businesses plan to rely on digital tools after restrictions have ended.

Quick Help Videos for Using Google's Best Tools

As a Google Partner, we’re sharing tips and resources for how to use some of Google’s best digital tools, including Google Meet, Google My Business, and more:

Google’s Best Tools: Help Videos

What Marketers Can Learn From Online Gaming

With people spending more time at home, it’s no surprise that they’re turning to gaming as a way to fill their time and fulfill their desire for community. Even if your business has nothing to do with games, the core principles behind online gaming’s growth can still be useful. For example, 83% of consumers want to see brands connect people and help them stay emotionally close. Is your business running online events? Are you helping customers share their stories on social media? How are you engaging your customers?

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Facebook Tests Email Marketing Tools For Business Pages

If you already have an email marketing solution in place, this may not be for you. However, for small businesses that are looking to start email marketing, Facebook is testing new email marketing tools. You’ll be able to send emails out to a list of your customers (that you’ve uploaded) directly from your Page. It appears that Facebook is trying to expand the capabilities business owners have available to them, so look out for this test — and maybe others like it — in the future.

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LinkedIn Adds New Retargeting Capabilities

LinkedIn Ads have always been an important platform for reaching professionals, and the new retargeting features only make that more certain. LinkedIn will now allow advertisers to target people who have filled out a lead form or watched a certain percentage of a video ad. These features will help businesses to get more action-oriented messages directly to the prospects most likely to… well, take action.

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