Who Should Handle Your Social? Agency? In-House?

Social MediaAs a social media and content marketing specialist, I am often asked numerous questions about social media marketing, since it is a relatively new tactic that has experienced unprecedented growth in a ridiculously short amount of time. The first question I’m almost always asked is, “Are you SURE, I need social? I mean I own a business that isn’t exactly exciting or riveting to my clients.” My answer is always YES! Regardless of how you feel your industry is perceived, there are 2.1 billion people who currently have social media accounts and 88% of them trust online reviews. At the very least, you must be a part of your own conversation.  If you’re still on the fence, no worries, I’ll persuade you in my next blog: 7 Reasons to Get off the Bench and Join the Social Media Game.

The next question is, “Ok, fine, but can’t I have the person I just hired out of college handle it? They’re constantly on Facebook!” This time my answer is a hard NO! Using social media for a personal reason is completely different than using it for business purposes. There are numerous marketing tactics provided by the various social platforms to not only build your brand awareness but to drive qualified leads and ultimately increase sales that aren’t available or widely known to the average social media consumer.

And that’s the next big question, “Ok, well then should I hire a full-time social media person or is it more beneficial to hire an agency to handle my social needs?”  Here’s where I explain that you need to weigh the pros and cons and decide what’s best for your company and take the following 4 points into serious consideration:

Which is better, one marketing genius or a team of experienced specialists?

First let me begin with a quick synopsis of what it requires to maintain great social channels: keen marketing knowledge, creativity, design, content, and brand management just to name a few. When hiring an agency, such as Millennium, to manage your social accounts, you’re often working with one social media person, so you think. What you may not realize is that the social media strategist is working with their own agency’s team of designers, developers, copywriters, digital marketing specialists, and executives who all bring their respective talents and creativity to the table during behind the scenes social media meetings. Essentially, while you think you’re hiring one person to manage your accounts, you’re an entire team of talented marketing professionals that are pushing your brand to increase your ROI. So unless you can find one person who can write, design, understands marketing, has a PR degree, and is insanely creative, your best investment is with an agency, and their behind the scenes team.

Did you know?

Recently the following happened:

  • Twitter-  announced an increase to its Direct Messaging function, from 140 characters to 10,000.
  • Facebook-  recently incorporated its messenger application for businesses, along with redesigning its newsfeed algorithm and now allowing individuals to choose who to receive updates from as well as the brands they’d like to follow.
  • Instagram- recently released a places search function as well as trending hashtags.
  • Pinterest- will soon let you buy directly from their site.

Did you know that? The point is, social media is constantly evolving and sometimes they’re in businesses favor and other times, not so much. At Millennium, it’s the social media specialist’s job to stay on top of these constant changes and updates in general. When hiring Millennium to handle your social media, you’re employing someone who must stay up-to-date with the current trends but you’re not being billed for the time required to do so since they’re doing it to maintain their own expertise and knowledge to better serve their clients.  With an in-house person, a decent amount of their time and your money will need to be devoted purely to listening to industry trends and changes, which could potentially be a full-time job when it’s all said and done.

Is Cost a Factor?

The previous point leads me directly to the cost of hiring a full-time social media person verses Millennium. A full time person requires an hourly or salaried wage, including health benefits, paid time off, etc. which can become costly especially when their overall responsibilities are broken down vs their work hours. When working with Millennium, you partner with use to determine your budget, goals, social plan, and ultimately your ROI.

What Type Of Reports Do You Receive?

When hiring a social media expert from Millennium, a contract will be signed that will most likely involve monthly, bimonthly, or even yearly reporting on your social efforts depending on your requirements. Agencies often own the best analytical tools available to breakdown your statistics and provide detailed reports, which doesn’t require you to purchase each individual analytical programs or products.

In the end, it is often much more cost efficient and effective to hire an agency. Millennium guarantees expertise to guide you through the process of not only building your social channels but developing them into legitimate and respected social branding platforms. If you’d like guidance with your social media platforms, email us at social@mm4solutions.com!