Why Are Webinars So Valuable?

Average Viewing Time TrendWe all know that a webinar is a simple internet broadcast exclusive to a specific online audience, however, did you know webinars are becoming more popular because they are so effective? More and more companies are hosting webinars because they are mutually beneficial for the company and their customers. Over the last five years, the attendance and average viewing time for webinars has increased. The current view time is holding steady at 56 minutes. *

Webinars can provide essential training for employees, making them a cost-effective resource for employee education. Traditionally, employee training has been cost-prohibitive for employers, as they not only have to pay for travel, food, and expenses, but they also have to pay for the attendance fee to the conference, seminar, or class they are taking. Free webinars offer the same knowledge and collateral as conferences, but they save employers time and money by cutting out travel cost, journey time, and employees’ time out of the office. This is a great way to get “free” employee education on important industry topics.

Per the Adobe Connect Blog, marketers rate webinars as the third most effective tactic overall (they are tied with videos.) Why are webinars so effective?  It’s simple: no other tactic offers individuals the experience to thoroughly interact with content. During the webinar, viewers can ask questions and provide feedback without feeling intimidated by the presence of others. Webinars also allow attendees to participate in conversations with industry peers and gain real-time content delivery, without draining the company’s resources.

At Millennium, we keep track of all of the invites that we sign-up for and we recommend the same thing. Don’t sign-up for webinars just to sign-up; make sure they are related to your particular position, department, and company. Take the time to review the provided information and follow-through with strategies and action items you learned from attending. If you can’t fit them into your schedule due to conflicts, still sign-up because they will send you the material and a recording. Don’t allow your schedule in the office dictate what you can learn because there are so many great learning opportunities; you just have to take advantage of them. At Millennium, our Digital Marketing Team takes the time to discuss the information presented, create a strategy to leverage the information, and implement change that is needed. This process has been extremely beneficial for both our team and our clients.

Webinar TweetOne of the biggest benefits of webinars is that they teach you the latest trends and give you the opportunity to stay ahead of your competition. You have the ability to take what you’ve learned and put it into action before your competition can. The turn-around time to put actions into place is within minutes of learning, where attending conferences requires you to wait until you return to the office. Webinars can also provide useful reference material, which can boost your content marketing initiatives by giving you material for blog posts and thought leadership articles. Social marketing for both you and your company can benefit as well. Live tweeting and mentioning the presenters, as well as posting your blogs to various social platforms will provide an increase in awareness and potential engagement. Plus, it allows you to disseminate relevant and useful information. As an example, one of the Digital Marketing Team members recently sat in on an Unbounce webinar where she tweeted about the content and presenter. By the end of the webinar, the presenters mentioned her and read her tweet to all of the attendees. What a great opportunity for our company to be mentioned via a national company.

Remember, webinars can be attended from any location with no restrictions; you can be in your pajamas at home, on the plane traveling to visit a client, or just catching up over lunch break. The versatility that webinars provide is a win-win for both the employee and the company, as it’s a way for you to improve your knowledge and skills and become the SME (Subject Matter Experts) in your industry.

Want to learn more about how webinars can effectively increase your content and social marketing? Email the Digital Marketing Team at Millennium at social@mm4solutions.com for more information!