Small Business Grants & Programs for COVID-19 Relief

Maryland - We're All In This Together

The state of Maryland and its local governments are offering a number of grants to help small businesses weather the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These grants can be used for a number of essential business expenses, from purchases of Personal Protective Equipment to payroll expenses to marketing and communications needs.

Maryland received nearly $2.4 billion from the Coronavirus Relief Fund established through the CARES Act. Part of this allotment was used for each county to set up a COVID-19 relief program in order to assist businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic. Other funds are available through The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) DBE Business Development Reimbursement Program (BDRP).Continue Reading »

Digital Marketing Tips During a Crisis

Digital Digest HeaderWe are living in unprecedented times, with COVID-19 impacting nearly every aspect of life. As marketers, we face the challenge of generating business in these ever-evolving circumstances. The data tells us people are spending more time on the computer, with non-gaming apps seeing a 20% increase over Q1 20201. Websites like Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube are seeing huge spikes in their traffic2, but search traffic is incredibly volatile depending on the industry3.

Knowing how to respond can be tricky, but one of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s fluid. You can change content on your website and advertising, and within minutes the changes can be live. Use this to your advantage. Here are some things that you can do with your digital marketing during COVID-19 or any crisis to ensure your company stays relevant, busy, and positioned for success as the market picks back up.Continue Reading »

Cybersecurity Tips for Working from Home

Is your company new to working remotely or is your team old pros? It is never a bad time to refresh your cybersecurity practices and provide your team with the resources, tools, and guidance to stay secure.

Be on the lookout for suspicious emails

Be aware of how to spot a phishing email (bad grammar, unknown sender email address, etc.) Don’t click on any links in emails without first verifying the link address.Continue Reading »

Event going virtual? Here’s how to keep it real

Trade shows, events, awards ceremonies, and conferences across the country are moving to virtual-only in response to the COVID-19 restrictions. While an in-person and virtual event are different experiences for attendees and planners, many of the aspects of a successful event remain the same.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you keep attendees engaged, provide value-adding experiences, and encourage connections with virtual events.

Use Welcome Kits & Gifts to Keep it Real

There’s no better way to make a virtual event feel more real than to keep remote attendees engaged and connected with a physical welcome kit, delivered to their front door. Millennium can create custom welcome kits, including printed materials (such as event schedules), attendee gifts, and more.Continue Reading »

Using Google My Business To Update Customers On Your Response to COVID-19

Every company is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in its own way – remote work, travel restrictions, and other operational changes. For businesses and communities, communication with your employees and customers is more important than ever. You may have updated every marketing channel you can think of, but one channel that often flies under the radar is your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

If your offices are or will be closing or have temporary hours, it’s likely the first place your customers will look is Google. Here are 3 quick steps you can take with your GMB profile to make sure you get the right message out.

Continue Reading »

Communicating to Customers and Employees – How Can We Help?

5 Key Ways to Update Your Customers & Employees and Stay In Touch

Are your offices open? Have your hours changed? Is there a new way you want your customers or employees to reach your business? Even if you’re conducting business as usual, it’s important to get that message out in all the essential places.Continue Reading »

Sailing Away From The Competition

Millennium and our client, Atlantic Cruising Yachts, took home a Neptune Award from the Marine Marketers of America for Event Marketing Excellence! To help increase Atlantic Cruising Yachts’ sales, Millennium recommended a new approach to our client’s Open House event— an evening happy hour event specific to their Jeanneau monohull line. The strategy used YouTube influencers, social media, email, and digital marketing to generate buzz that lasted well after the event!Continue Reading »

What’s New In Digital Marketing— Millennium Digital Digest

As part of Millennium’s mission to help our clients achieve their business goals through marketing, we’ve created the Millennium Digital Digest, curated by our team of Google certified digital marketing experts to summarize the most important recent digital marketing trends.

What You Should Know — February 2020

Google to Phase Out Third-Party Cookies

As people get more and more concerned about their online privacy, major web browsers like Safari and Firefox have blocked third-party cookies by default — and Google isn’t far behind. As third-party cookies are responsible for retargeting ads — among other things — Google intends to introduce new technologies in its place. [Read More]
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What You Should Know — January 2020

As part of Millennium’s mission to help our clients achieve their business goals through marketing, we’ve created the Millennium Digital Digest, curated by our team of Google certified digital marketing experts to summarize the most important recent digital marketing trends.

What You Should Know — January 2020

January 2020 Core Update Rolling Out on Google

Google is releasing yet another broad core algorithm update for their search engine. As with the last core update, Google doesn’t release specific information on what to expect or optimize for. This means that the same best practices still apply — for example, make sure your content is as relevant and user-friendly as possible. Hit the link to find out additional ways you can address the changes. [Read More]
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PMA Marketing and Advertising Excellence Award Winners 2019


The PMA Marketing and Advertising Excellence Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of PMA members in marketing and advertising.  A panel of marketing and advertising experts evaluate the entries based on creativity, innovation and advertising and marketing effectiveness.

We’ve highlighted a few award-winning entries from Millennium and our clients. For a complete list of the 2019 winners, visit the PMA websiteContinue Reading »