Marketing Made Easy – NOT

Anything with too many choices can become quickly overwhelming.  When you are choosing a paint color at Home Depot for instance – there are so many color options, how do you decide on just one?  When I’m at the candy store at the beach, there are rows and rows of choices, how do I pick just one or two or three or – well you get it, I have a sweets addiction.

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Local Business DIY Online Marketing Audit

If you’re a local business there are a vast amount of opportunities to build your brand and expand your website traffic. Many local businesses realize the impact that online marketing can have but either don’t know where to start or focus on less effective opportunities. If you feel you fall into this category, and would like to improve your local search, here are a few things you should start with for your DIY Audit.

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What is Structure Data?

In the broadest terms, Structured Data is information that has been organized in a certain way to be interpreted by someone or something. Accounting information stored in a spreadsheet or website content stored in an online database are both examples of Structure Data.

When it comes to SEO, Structured Data refers to organizing information on a webpage using data attributes (schemas) applied to specific elements that allow search engines to understand that information better. Listings of events, information about a blog author, or product reviews are examples of elements that can benefit from Structured Data.

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