Print Marketing Thrives with New Technology

As technology continues to expand and change, digital marketing has become increasing popular. With the rising popularity of tactics like email marketing, social media, and search marketing, it might seem like print marketing has fallen by the wayside, but, to the contrary, print marketing is thriving. New printing technologies have made the process faster, more cost efficient, and more unique than ever before. Keep reading to learn more about the ways that you can modernize your print marketing efforts!

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Are You Acknowledging Your Employees and Clients this Holiday Season?

Where did Summer go? We are less than two months away from ringing in a new year. Are you moving your business forward into 2014 with a BANG or a whisper?

Holiday gifts are one of the best ways to thank customers, reward employees, and get a head start on building new client relationships. A small token or a one-of-a-kind treat will help set you up for a successful 2014.

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Marketing Made Easy – NOT

Anything with too many choices can become quickly overwhelming.  When you are choosing a paint color at Home Depot for instance – there are so many color options, how do you decide on just one?  When I’m at the candy store at the beach, there are rows and rows of choices, how do I pick just one or two or three or – well you get it, I have a sweets addiction.

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