Fun in the Sun Promo Products

Summer will be here before you know it!

That’s why now’s the time to be searching for ways to wow your customers, show your employees how much you appreciate them, and stand out from your competition during the busy summer months with products that are ideal for some much-needed fun in the sun.

Our promotional product professionals are always here to help you find the perfect product to reflect your brand and leave a long-lasting impression, no matter the season or occasion.

Instead of sifting through catalogs, our experts chose these hot new summer promotional products just for you!

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Escape into Virtual Reality

The latest craze in technology is without-a-doubt virtual reality (VR). This phenomenon quickly made its way into the promotional products industry where suppliers are offering brandable virtual reality glasses and headsets.

With VR, all it takes is trying on glasses and headsets and you’re immediately plunged into a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment, from riding a roller coaster to climbing a mountain.

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Millennium’s Clients Win Big

Grady Management - Millennium's ClientsSome of the Millennium team recently attended the Property Management Association’s Annual Marketing/Advertising Excellence and Leasing Professional Awards Ceremony at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, Maryland to cheer on our clients.

The Property Management Association’s mission is to provide members a significant return on their investment of time and resources, exchange knowledge, and offer practical education for the property management industry.

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Millennium School of Marketing Recap!

expo3Doors opened at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, September 14 for Millennium’s Annual Marketing Expo and Educational Event. Following the theme of the Millennium School of Marketing, the team prepared to conduct interactive classes presenting the latest marketing tips, tricks, and tools to help businesses grow. Everyone’s energy was up as we began getting everything set up the afternoon prior. Factory representatives came flooding through the doors before the expo started, setting up their displays with cool new apparel and promotional products to showcase.
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Out of the Box Ideas in a Box

Promo Box ClubAre you always looking for new promotional products? Are you tired of sifting through catalogs? That’s why Millennium brought the Promo Box Club to the industry. Members of the club receive samples of the latest and greatest promotional products right at their door. Our team of promotional product professionals work with factories to bring you samples of the best promotional products to hit the scene.

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Your Summer Survival Kit

Imagine your clients are hitting the beach to soak up the subeachbagn. What’s a beach day without the essentials, such as your sunscreen, sunglasses, a towel, and a good book? At Millennium Marketing Solutions, we know the marketing tactics to help you stay connected with your customers and keep your business growing.

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Feel Secure with a C-SLIDE Webcam Cover 1.0

It’s important to sec0001 (2)ure your information, but how can you be so sure that you’re completely blocking hackers from invading your privacy? Although webcams allow you to connect with friends and family, they also pose serious risks of people hacking into them and spying on you, as creepy as that may sound. While Millennium works with various IT companies, we understand the significance of cyber security and how easily information can be gathered and manipulated.

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A Warm Welcome to Our New Team Members!

Millennium Marketing Solutions is thrilled to welcome our new Digital Marketing Specialist, Josh Himes, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Jamie Heathcote, Production Assistant, Rob Daniel, iGen Operator and Production Assistant, Leah Smith, and Product Manager/Buyer, Kelley Smith. Since they all came on board recently, they’ve proved to be experts in their respective areas and dynamic members of the overall Millennium team. Be sure to check out our career page for open positions on our growing team!

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