Engage Your Customers with Interactive Digital Signage

Millennium Marketing Solutions offers beautiful, captivating digital signage as an innovative way to engage customers. Digital signage is the latest technology solution used to visually engage your customers and promote your products or services. This smart marketing tool is a great investment that delivers targeted messages to specific locations, at specific times. Unlike traditional signs, they offer the flexibility to change your messaging based on current specials and events. Beautiful, eye-catching animations can visually showcase your business. Interactive digital signs allow customers to search and sort through information to find exactly what they need.

Digital Signage - Interactive Digital Signs for Apartments, Hospitals and Other Businesses
Digital signage is everywhere —restaurants, public and private schools, colleges and universities, corporate offices, health care facilities, auto dealerships, and banking institutions. This flexible technology can be used to display menus, schedules, announcements, interactive directions, and videos. The possibilities are endless with these engaging signs.

Here are some other highlights of our digital signage technology:

  • Interactive touch: Interactivity is one of the most powerful ways to increase the impact and utility of your digital signage. Visitors can use the sign to navigate to the information that is most relevant to them.
  • RSS feeds: Integrate your message with other data sources from around the web. Commonly used items are news feeds, weather forecasts, and scheduled events.
  • High-resolution video input: Nothing grabs attention like video. We help you make video content available on your signage. This might include recorded, live, or streaming video.
  • Custom templates: We make updating information easier by creating custom templates that fit your needs.
  • As-it-happens information display: Ability to display local information such as news and weather.
  • Scalability: Many of our clients start with a single display and then expand to nearly limitless channels of digital signage in multiple buildings.
  • Management: You’ll be assured knowing people cannot make unauthorized changes to your sign.

Our Approach

As a one-stop shop for digital marketing, Millennium uses the best technology to make digital signage a successful part of your company’s marketing mix. We work with you to determine your needs and create the best solution to bring your message to life.

The Millennium Difference:

  • Collaborative approach: We work as part of your team to ensure you get the best technology for your needs and budget.
  • Content strategy and creation: The key to a successful digital sign is clear messaging.
  • Programming and integration: Our team of expert coders uses their expertise to leverage everything the technology has to offer.
  • Sign maintenance: If you ever run into an issue with your digital sign, we can securely, remotely access it to help get you back on track.

Get Started with Digital Signage Now

Millennium’s digital products provide simple, economical solutions that can be designed and customized specifically for your business. Call Millennium Marketing Solutions today to find out how we can make digital signage work for you.