Generate Sales Through Email Marketing

Bozzuto Email CampaignEmail marketing has proven to not only be one of the fastest, most flexible, and most convenient marketing tactics, but it is also one of the most personalized and targeted approaches to communicating with your target audience. Because of these traits, email marketing provides endless opportunities for businesses. Millennium Marketing Solutions helps you capitalize on this evergreen and highly effective marketing tool.

When working with Millennium on your next email campaign, you receive:

  • Email campaigns that are consistent with your brand and other marketing initiatives such as print and web
  • Back-end analytics and reports to ensure a high ROI
  • Assistance with copy writing to ensure clear, relevant messaging catered to your target audience
  • Support with building a strong client email list or updating your current client email lists
  • Options for using highly personalized images, content, and URLs that are unique to each customer receiving your email

Our Millennium team members possess the skills to develop and execute a comprehensive email marketing campaign, from brainstorming themes and writing copy, to complete email development and responsive design. We also help you build the ideal list of recipients based on the demographic of your target market.

The Millennium Difference

  • Campaign Tracking: We track, measure, and optimize your campaign by monitoring back-end statistics such as click-through, conversion, and open rates
  • Consultations: We consult on current industry standards to recommend the most effective send dates and times to boost user engagement.
  • Optimization: With this information, we continually adjust future emails to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and provide the results your company desires.

In addition to our email marketing expertise, our Cross-Media Services allows us to tie your e-marketing efforts together with your Print, Web, and Mobile Services to maximize exposure and maintain consistent in branding and design. Contact us to learn more!