Certified Google Partner

PartnerBadge-151030 (2) Online marketing, if done correctly, provides limitless opportunity for reaching new customers and increasing sales. However, if done incorrectly, it can be seriously harmful to your business. That’s why it is very important to choose a reputable company who will protect your business’s reputation, provide the greatest ROI, and give you detailed reports about performance. To help businesses identify reputable marketing companies, Google created the Google Partner program. Millennium Marketing Solutions is honored to be a Certified Google Partner.

Only 23% of Companies Are Certified Google Partners

What Does Google Partner Certification Mean?

Being a Google Partner means that Millennium Marketing is part of an elite group of online marketing agencies that have demonstrated industry knowledge and met Google’s strict requirements. This is not a certification that just anyone can get or pay for. In order to earn this distinction, Millennium had to prove to Google that we:

  • Are a stable company with happy customers
  • Have certified experts on our staff who have passed a series of Google’s exams on a variety of topics including: search marketing, display marketing, analytics, YouTube, and online retail
  • Use our knowledge of Google’s platform to implement campaigns using best practices so you’ll get the most out of your online advertising budget
  • Work directly with Google to stay updated with training, product updates, and new trends

We are one of only 4% of agencies assigned a U.S. Based Google representative

How Does It Benefit Your Company To Work With A Google Partner?

As a Certified Google Partner, we have direct access to Google’s support and training. We regularly schedule training sessions that are exclusively available to partner agencies. During these sessions, we speak directly with our dedicated Google representative who reviews, advises, and strategizes with us on client accounts. This ensures that we are always utilizing the newest features Google offers, following best practices, sharpening our skills, and continually optimizing your campaigns. Google offers us opportunities to host conferences where our clients can hear directly from Google about online marketing strategies.

Our partnership with Google is beneficial to us because we are continually learning how to provide better customer service to clients. Google benefits by getting reputable agencies that truly understand how to best utilize their platforms and who provide outstanding customer service to clients who want to take advantage of Google’s products. And you benefit by having a company that works directly with Google to optimize your accounts to ensure you are getting the best ROI. Google endorses their partner agencies because they trust that we will serve the best interests of our clients.

We Want To Partner with You

Our clients are our partners — we see your success as our success as well. And we love being successful. Millennium Marketing Solutions generates new leads for you by executing effective digital marketing strategies using Google’s products. We protect your brand and reputation while growing your business and sales.

We are proud of our Google Partners distinction and we’ve worked hard to earn it. Contact us today to find out how you can leverage our experienced digital marketing team to move your business forward.