Our History

Millennium Marketing Solutions was founded by Janice Tippett in 1990 and began as a humble operation in her parents’ basement. Years later, the business was thriving and Janice purchased a small print shop to continue providing the best for her clients, and Millennium Marketing Solutions was born! In 1997, Janice was joined by her sister Jody, who became Vice President and co-owner and brought 27 years of managerial experience to the company.

A Family Business

It seems that the printing business runs in the family! Janice and Jody’s grandfather, Clyde “Fuzzy” Wilson, was a pressman for the U.S. government before being deployed to fight in World War II. While he was away, a young woman named Esther took over his position as a negative stripper and pressman. When Fuzzy returned on leave, he came back to find Esther running his presses. Fuzzy and Esther later courted and were married after the war.
Clyde "Fuzzy" Wilson

Sadly, Janice and Jody’s grandparents never had the chance to see them follow in their footsteps. Fuzzy passed away in 1982, and as life would have it, Esther passed away on the same day that Janice and Jody became owners of Millennium. Many times, their spirits have been felt throughout the office, guiding and encouraging team members.