2022 Trend Spotlight: Experiential Products

The way we work and connect with others has changed. Many of us experience a new disconnect from our clients, coworkers, and communities. While experiential marketing had been building in popularity, it is slated to be one of the hottest marketing trending moving into 2022. After working remotely for the last two years, we are all seeking ways to connect with each other again Experiential marketing is creating a memorable experience in the home or office using kitted products to make them feel connected to the brand or conversation. Muti sensory experiences create long-lasting memories by engaging all 5 senses. Continue Reading »

2022 Corporate Apparel Trend: Uniforms Won’t Be So “Uniform”

Nearly 2 years of remote work has allowed many employees — over Zoom meetings and the like — to wear pajamas, sweatpants, and T-shirts as acceptable professional dress, according to the Society for Human Resources (SHRM). This year, as employees are returning to the office, it’s clear that the stuffy corporate uniforms of the past are not. Continue Reading »

Communication & Preparation in 2022

*Updated January 2022*

As companies continue to adapt to the realities of doing business during an ever-changing global pandemic, new strategies for quickly communicating updates with your clients and employees are essential. Here are some helpful tips and tactics for the timely sharing of essential updates, like new hours, policy changes, and even good news about your company through press releases, social media, and on internal platforms.Continue Reading »

Website Evolutions: 7 Website Trends You Should Start Using Now

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

As the last 20+ months have taught us all, there are always changes we cannot predict. From shifts in the way your customers now work, to improvements in mobile design, to the latest update from the almighty Google Algorithm — the only sure thing is that the next change is always on the horizon.Continue Reading »

Solution Spotlight: Creating a Sub-Brand Architecture

First impressions last a lifetime. Your company’s logo is the first introduction of your brand to clients, customers, and even the competition. But how do you get a cohesive look when your brand grows and needs separate divisions or locations identified in its logo? How do you tie different elements of your brand neatly together?

This was the challenge facing Waypoints Yacht Charters as they developed new locations across the globe — adding visual identities for each unique location while keeping branding cohesive and consistent, to make that first impression last.

Continue Reading »

Solution Spotlight: Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Ensure Brand Consistency with Company Stores

Oasis Marinas has roughly 30 marinas branched out across the country with different needs at any different time of the year. This can make ordering promotional products and other marketing materials a hassle, especially if it’s coming out of one office but heading to another. It can be overwhelming for just one contact to manage all of the shipping, tracking, purchasing, invoicing. It can also create inconsistent branding across a company.

Oasis Marinas wanted an easier way to ship their can koozies — popular with boaters and sold at each location. Oasis Marinas would order a large quantity to their headquarters and then ship them out from there, based on demand at other locations. This would create massive amounts of paperwork and shipping.Continue Reading »

Solution Spotlight: Customized, User-Friendly Chatbots

Your website’s user experience might be excellent for one user, and painful for another, depending on how they prefer to find information. That’s why it’s essential to give users options to let them find answers and make contact the way they prefer.

For many customers, making a phone call is too inconvenient. But they still expect an easy way to ask simple questions, to discuss and discover more about the brands they interact with — without having to browse every page of a website.Continue Reading »