Millennium Marketing Solutions Honored with Best Website Award

Howard County - Where Maryland Comes Together

At the recent 2012 Maryland Tourism & Travel Summit, the Howard County Tourism & Promotion website,, was voted Best Web Site. The annual event is hosted by the Maryland Tourism Council and the Maryland Office of Tourism. Millennium worked closely with the Howard County Tourism Team in the design and creation of this website which launched earlier this year.

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What is Structure Data?

In the broadest terms, Structured Data is information that has been organized in a certain way to be interpreted by someone or something. Accounting information stored in a spreadsheet or website content stored in an online database are both examples of Structure Data.

When it comes to SEO, Structured Data refers to organizing information on a webpage using data attributes (schemas) applied to specific elements that allow search engines to understand that information better. Listings of events, information about a blog author, or product reviews are examples of elements that can benefit from Structured Data.

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