Social Media Marketing for Businesses

SocialAlthough Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an effective way to improve return on investment (ROI), strengthen customer relationships, and generate leads, it is often an underutilized marketing tactic. We are often asked, “Do I really need to include social media in my marketing efforts?” Our answer is always the same: Yes, you do. Many businesses think social media marketing has no return on investment (ROI) and is a waste of time and money. We hear that all the time from new clients. But when we ask why they feel this way, they often give us one of these common social media marketing myths.

SMM Myth #1: Anyone with a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account can do social media marketing

When we ask clients why they feel SMM is a waste of time, we often get an answer similar to, “We had our secretary, Jane, doing our social media because she’s always on her personal Facebook. But we never received any business from it, so we eventually told her stop.” Social media for personal use is completely different from SMM for businesses. We applaud anyone who gets 100 likes on a picture of a dog in a Halloween costume with a witty caption. But that doesn’t mean he or she can effectively market your business on social media. Improper social media marketing is not only ineffective, but it can also damage your brand. Hiring Millennium means getting a team of marketing experts that know how to utilize the tools that are available only to businesses and strategically implement them. We also know how to read back-end analytics and take action based on the data to further improve your ROI.

SMM Myth #2: My customers don’t talk about me on social media

Wrong. Your customers will turn to social media to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your company. It’s the nature of today’s consumers: they want to take immediate action and social media is an easy way to do that. Consumers feel like it’s their duty to share positive or negative experiences with fellow consumers. Think that doesn’t apply to B2B businesses? Wrong again. You have to remember that B2B selling is still person-to-person selling. A person makes the decision to use your company or not, and that person will still recommend you or discourage using your company to professional contacts, which they can easily do using LinkedIn. Your customers will talk about you on social media. Let us join and direct the conversation for you. We can transform your social media platforms into an extension of your brand and customer service.

SMM Myth #3: My business can’t benefit from social media because our industry is not interesting enough

Wrong again. Think of this simple, but common, example:

You’re a plumber and you just did a great job for Suzie. Suzie excitedly shares a status on Facebook raving about your services and tries to tag your company. But, if you don’t have a business page, she can’t tag your company and share your page with her friends. If you do have a page, not only will that post show up as a positive review on your page, but you can thank her for hiring you, which solidifies your relationship with Suzie. As another example, if Suzie’s friend Bob posts on Facebook asking for a plumber in the area, Suzie can tag your page in Bob’s post’s comments and provide your company information to Bob with one click of his mouse.

SMM Myth #4: Social media marketing isn’t worth the money

We respectfully disagree. Millennium’s team of experts provides many different benefits for you through social media, including brand and reputation management, lead generation, and customer service. Plus, we are much more inexpensive than hiring in-house talent.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

  1. Develop Connections: Using current best practices, we build your following and engagement to establish relationships, partnerships, and new business.
  2. Manage Your Brand: We monitor all mentions and interactions with your brand and provide rapid and responsive customer service to build your credibility and online personality.
  3. Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness: Through regular and strategic posting, we make sure your customers are reminded of your brand, while also receiving the most current information about your company, products, services, and industry.
  4. Build Your Social Channels: We can build your social media accounts, guide you in building your own, or review your current channels and recommend updates for a stronger social media presence.
  5. Paid Advertising: We present paid advertising options to help you determine if it could be a profitable strategy for your business. If it is, we develop a customized social media advertising campaign for you. We provide guidance on social media advertising best practices, including budgeting, ad design, copy, demographic, and geo-targeting, just to name a few.

The Millennium Difference

Our social media gurus will:

  • Discuss the business goals you’d like to achieve
  • Develop a strategy to meet your goals and increase engagement, leads, and traffic
  • Create a monthly calendar outlining when posting will occur on your various SMM channels, the type of content that will be posted, and its exact wording for your approval prior to live posting
  • Utilize the tools available to businesses on each platform
  • Write/share content that resonates with your audience
  • Test and track posts to determine what times and days receive the most interaction